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Whether you're looking to improve your physical and psychological wellbeing (anyone find 2020 a little bit stressful?!), elevate your performance, or answer life's biggest questions, we can help. 😊


We live in a reality of constant distraction, stress, and an 'always on' culture. To counter this we need to develop our minds and learn the mental skills to thrive.

We integrate an ancient mindfulness practice and cutting-edge neuroscience to help you optimise your mind for greater happiness and wellbeing.

Get in touch with us today and find out how to bring mindfulness into your life or workplace.

Manish Singh

Founder & Finished Yogi

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Our Clients


Over fifteen years, we've had the privilege to teach mindfulness to thousands of people

in our public, organisational and coaching programs.


Sharp & Carter partnered with Manish Singh to deliver two Mindfulness Workshops for our Executive level clients. The sessions were engaging, insightful and highly practical, packed full of tools and tips to live more in the moment.   
I would highly recommend Manish to anyone or any organisation who are seeking to improve their general wellbeing or wishing to improve organisational performance and resilience.

Tim Turner - Partner, Sharp & Carter

Thank you! You have received rave reviews from our staff (myself included) who really identified with the uniqueness of your presentation around the link with neuroscience, the practical strategies you left people with and your sense of humor and storytelling.

Craig Hynes - Deputy Principal, Kenmore State High

To say Manish changed my life is no overstatement. His wisdom provides a truthful examination of the mind and his knowledge a path to respite and renewal through meditation; in a context that is as contemporary as it gets for our everyday lives! He is the most urbane guru out!! I am forever grateful for his perception and intelligence and above all for his guidance.

Jan Manton - Gallery Owner

Thank you so much for your incredible presentation. Personally, it was the absolute highlight of the evening for me. Your words have stayed with me and I've found myself repeating them like a mantra over the weekend!

Roxane Horton - Marketing & Partnerships Manager, Peppermint Magazine 

Recently Manish presented to each team in our individual offices an amazing mindfulness workshop. He provided great tools to use to help de-stress and to live a more relaxed yet productive life! We discovered how the brain works and the difference that a conscious breath or  breaths can make when dealing with difficult situations. We are looking forward to receiving more mindfulness training throughout the year.

Ashley Fox - Director, Capitol Body Corporate

Thank you to Manish Singh for coming along to speak to our teams about the importance of mindfulness in the workplace. The session was great – our team found it very engaging and we have had great feedback. Manish was able to present the mindfulness techniques in a way that was easily utilised by both our office staff and field teams. The talk resonated well with our team members as all the content was related back to the industry we work in and Manish was able to take what can be a difficult concept to understand and make it real.

This is the second time we’ve invited Manish to speak to our teams and we would definitely work with him again.

Brian Godwin - Group Manager, CV Services

Each session involved practical strategies as well as the theory behind mindfulness and its impact on the brain. Participants laughed, learnt and lived the experience. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I would highly recommend both Manish as a presenter and the program itself as a practical way of adding to the toolkit of professionals working in a complex, stressful and yet ultimately very rewarding field.

Brett Shackleton - Principal, Ferny Grove State School

I have participated on several of Manish’s workshops over a number of years. He has extensive experience in Mindfulness and is always professional in his conduct of the workshops and moulds the course to the needs of the group. I initially attended his workshops for personal development and quickly recognised that mindfulness could be of great value to my work colleagues too.

In my role as Asset Engineering Manager at Brisbane City Council I engaged Manish to deliver a workshop to my colleagues on applying mindfulness in the workplace. I received positive feedback from colleagues on what they had learned in the workshop and how they had applied what they had learned in their workplace. For example they were more present in meetings and able to focus on the matter at hand; they were able to recognise when they were getting anxious and to feel that feeling and become more present and productive; they had a greater awareness of themselves and their work environment; they were able to pay more attention to the matters that matter through a better ability to focus and concentrate.

I highly recommend Manish to you and your colleagues.

Gavin Blakey OAM - Manager, Brisbane City Council

I am deeply grateful that I connected with Manish and Sensational Intelligence a number of years ago. I have wrestled with stress and anxiety at various times in my life. Manish in his gentle yet powerful way has shared from his own experience insights into how I could focus at the gift of each moment, and in turn then let go gradually of the stress that has built up in me over time. It takes a lot of practice for me to be fully aware of each present moment - and I often miss the mark! But after several years of focussing on what Manish suggests I do generally feel more peaceful and content and accepting of what life brings my way - and feel less on edge most of the time. And the best part is I do not have to do it all on my own. One of the supports that I really appreciate is the ongoing opportunity for connection and conversation with Manish and others who are trying to live their lives, like me, more intently and with focus.

David Murrin - Area Manager Moreton Bay Housing Services Centre

Manish and Simone make an extraordinary partnership. Manish brings a depth of practice and a unique ability to bring traditional mindfulness practices into our modern world. Simone brings her management consulting & coaching skills and together they combine their expertise to deliver life changing experiences.

Cassandra Farrell - Head of Global Accounts

I believe that there is huge benefits for organisations to partner with you to enhance the wellbeing and productivity of a workforce under pressure.

Elaine De Vos - Former CEO at Mercy Community Services SEQ Ltd

After the session with you, I did some breathing before I went to sleep, got up in the morning and walked, which I haven't done for weeks. I've been finding it easy to slip in breathing at the start and the end of my days and I feel like I'm happier, like I'm rediscovering some joie de vivre. I'm sure I am smiling more and ranting less.  I liked the style of the session, it was relaxed, and interactive, and felt useful and applicable. I would say off all the many courses I've done - yours is the one that has been the most practical use to me, and the one I have most immediately applied to my life. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in a way that was so easy to understand and implement.

Alison Mckay - Project Manager, Setting Up Shop

The manner in which you presented, kept the interest and enthusiasm of every member of staff - it is the most committed and focused I have seen the staff. You spoke directly to these areas (tools to manage stress and build resilience) and did so from bout scientific approaches, referencing brain function as well as more meditative, pastoral approaches.  That combination was very effective with our staff.

Matt Edwards - Principal, St Elizabeth's

Manish is a wonderful teacher.  Thank you for a very rewarding and useful day.

Julia Maloney - LBD workshop participant

Manish presents a wonderfully comprehensive body-mind-spirit program very clearly. Im motivated to get back to practice.

Jennie Elston - Osteopath/Clinic Manager

For me it’s the realism of how mindfulness can be incorporated into your day, which makes practising with Manish have such a positive impact on my life. I have really benefited from the space that the practice has given me so that I can respond and not react (still a work in progress in some cases) to everyday situations. His clear and simple explanation of how trauma is held in the body and how you’re able to access and release it, has provided me with a way to work through issues with-out becoming overwhelmed by them.  Have really learnt the value and difference just one breath can make.

Kate, Management Consultant

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