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Whether you're looking to improve your physical and psychological wellbeing (anyone find 2020 a little bit stressful?!), elevate your performance, or answer life's biggest questions, we can help. 😊


We live in a reality of constant distraction, stress, and an 'always on' culture. To counter this we need to develop our minds and learn the mental skills to thrive.

We integrate an ancient mindfulness practice and cutting-edge neuroscience to help you optimise your mind for greater happiness and wellbeing.

Get in touch with us today and find out how to bring mindfulness into your life or workplace.

Manish & Simone

Finished Yogi & Founder

Our Services

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Online Course

Build your practice with 30-days of  teaching, guided practice and discussion. 


Live Programs

  • Workshops, Courses & Retreats

  • Public & Workplace programs

  • In-person & Online

Public Speaking

  • Help your group deal with 2020!

  • Individuals & Small groups

  • In-person & Online


Practice Groups

  • Sun & Wed mornings live online

  • Teaching, Practice, Q&A

  • Supportive community

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  • Focus on your circumstances

  • Individuals & Small groups

  • In-person & Online

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  • Supporting your practice

  • Resource library

  • Supportive community & forum

30-day Practice Challenge — Online Course

The 30-day Challenge is designed to help you build a daily practice. You'll gain self-awareness and self-control. One month is long enough to notice positive changes in yourself!


The course is organised into four weeks, each one looking into a different part of the brain.

Each day includes a short teaching video, a guided practice video, and an audio Q&A session.


Practice Groups

Train your brain for greater calm, wellbeing and happiness.

Mindfulness is a daily practice. These practice groups are meant to help you grow and strengthen your own practice.

You'll learn simple daily mental exercises (meditations) to help you find the inner strength to stay balanced and be present for those around you – especially through uncertain and challenging times.  

The sessions include a brief teaching, a guided practice (which takes up most of the time), and some Q&A at the end.


Live Programs

We run programs for the public and for organisations. These include workshops, courses and retreats, delivered online and in-person.

Upcoming Public Events:​

  • Mindful May – live 30-day online challenge

  • 1-day Urban Retreat (May 8)

  • 4-day Retreat (June 17-20)

Contact us to discuss a mindfulness program for your organisation.


Mindfulness-based Coaching

Ultimately, we practice not to get better at meditating but to get better at life - so that we can live meaningful, connected and happy lives.

Living by Design is our coaching framework and is based on our 5 Mind Model and our coaching approach of Awareness, Acceptance and Action. 

We work with you through an issue, concern or situation that you want to change or navigate through, in your life. We empower you with the tools and practices to expand your awareness, practice acceptance and take values-driven action. It is a journey of self exploration and personal growth.

We offer 1-on-1 and small group coaching, online or in-person.


Contact us to arrange a free chat!


Public Speaking

Informing and inspiring.

We all want to live & work better, and mindfulness is at the very root of achieving that – wherever you go, there you (and your mind) are!

We'll leave your group feeling inspired, motivated, and with the tools to begin making their lives better right away.

Contact us to discuss a talk that's right for you.



Mindfulness is both a daily practice and something you'll do over your lifetime. The practice is simple, but not always easy! Having the fellowship and support of people on the same journey is invaluable. 

Our community is made up of knowledgeable, kind and committed practitioners. Join us!


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