We are passionate about helping people and organisations live and work more mindfully.

Sensational Intelligence was co-founded by Manish Singh and Simone Peric.  It is an evolution of Changing Mindspace and Brisbane Mindfulness both established by Manish over 15 year period.  Bringing over 40 years of traditional mindfulness (vipassana) & yoga practice and 20 years of teaching & public speaking, Manish is a global mindfulness expert. In 2018, he joined forces with Simone and Sensational Intelligence was born!

Like Manish, Simone has a background in science and a formal mindfulness practice dating back 6 years.  She also brings 15 years of management consulting and coaching and a deep desire to help people take control of their minds and live and work with more engagement, joy and kindness.

Manish and Simone are keen to see mindfulness adopted more broadly within the community and in workplaces.  They are passionate about helping individuals develop personal mastery in order to live and work better. Within workplaces, they support inspired leadership and cultures where people can grow and thrive.

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Behind the Scenes


Founder - Mindfulness expert, public speaker & coach
(finished yogi)

Manish Singh, the founder of Sensational Intelligence, is one of the world’s most experienced Mindfulness teachers.  As one of only a small number of people to have finished the practice, he brings a rare depth of expertise to his speaking and teaching. He loves sharing the experience of what it’s like to live with a completely still mind, the step-by-step practice to get there, and the many benefits to be enjoyed along the way.

Manish has been practicing mindfulness meditation, breath-work and yoga since he was a child. He was born in India and raised in a family with a history of practice stretching back 2,500 years directly to the Buddha. Manish grew-up in California, where he studied evolutionary biology. He then spent ten years in New York and London using his yoga breathing techniques to teach opera singers how to breathe and sing better.  In 2002, Manish experienced the transformation of mind (an awakened or enlightened mind) that is the goal of Mindfulness practice, and he has been teaching ever since.

Manish’s unique approach to mindfulness integrates ancient wisdom, traditional practice and modern science. He’s passionate about helping individuals and workplaces ‘be better, do better and live better’— living and working by design with more meaning, engagement and happiness.


Performance Strategist - Coach
(conscious creator & joy seeker)

Simone is a passionate supporter of individuals & workplaces ready to live & work better. Whether you want to improve your personal life or your work performance – self mastery is the beginning of transformation. 

Simone adopts a mindfulness based approach focused on values & strengths and encourages individuals to develop an environment of growth & improvement based on principles of self-awareness, engagement and connection. 

With qualifications in science and law, and over 15 years in management consulting, Simone has had a diverse career.  She has expertise in strategic management, organisational change, and performance improvement. She practices mindfulness and has pursued further studies in mindfulness, positive psychology and coaching and uses evidence-based approaches that support personal growth, emotional health, positive mindset, and achievement & performance.

Simone spent over a decade living and working abroad and has been fortunate enough to meet people from all walks of life – each with their own story and unique map of the world. Simone combines her professional skills, life experiences and strengths into her work. She has a deep curiosity and desire to powerfully serve clients live & work with more meaning, impact and a greater sense of purpose and wellbeing.

Simone currently calls Brisbane home but loves to travel, connect with nature and enjoy the occasional glass of bubbles.

If you are interested in personal growth, leadership or organisational performance, please get in touch.

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