20 minute Practice Overview

Updated: Nov 9

0–1 Minutes: Presence

This level of mind is your awareness itself. The Observer. The CEO/boss of your mind.

Choose to show up. Choose where to place your attention. 

Presence is rooted in embodied awareness (sounds/breath/body/etc).

Notice the moments that make up this present moment. Recover from mindlessness as necessary. 1–5 Minutes: Flapping Warm-up and deliberately change the state of your body, breath and focus. Involving and changing your body means that your emotions and thoughts will necessarily change as well. We all carry historical tension, and here you begin to loosen it. Build your support and physical-acceptance muscles. 5–10 Minutes: Focus Choose to be in control of your monkey mind – tame it with love, patience and persistence. For these 5 minutes, choose to leave every single thought. (In civilian life, you’ll use this same muscle to stay focused on thoughts you choose.) Over time, get to know the calm and increased subtlty that comes with stronger focus. Over time, get to know the state of flow that comes out of sustained calm-focus. 10–19 Minutes: Body Awareness & Acceptance Choose to be in control of your emotions (accept) and body (aware). Observe your body sensations in some subtle detail. When you’re upset, accept (emotionally and physically) and increase resolution on problematic sensations. When you’re calm, focus and increase awareness of subtle sensations. 19–20 Minutes: Presence Bookending how we started. Noticing how your state of mind has changed. Preparing to take this change into the world.

Taking action from this perspective.  20–30 Minutes: Q&A / Discussion You are welcome to stick around after our practice to ask any questions (or listen to other people’s) or share your experiences.

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