Acceptance is where the power lies

Grief expert David Kessler talking about how to manage the underlying grief and anxiety inherent in our current personal and global situation.😷 His strategies perfectly express mindfulness practice, including: acceptance, presence and resilience – in the sense of letting yourself feel what you're feeling, no matter how unpleasant, so that those feelings can move through you.

"Acceptance, as you might imagine, is where the power lies. We find control in acceptance."

"To calm yourself, you want to come into the present. This will be familiar advice to anyone who has meditated or practiced mindfulness. Breathe. Realize that in the present moment, nothing you’ve anticipated has happened. In this moment, you’re okay. You have food. You are not sick. This really will work to dampen some of that pain."

"Sometimes we try not to feel what we’re feeling. If I feel sad and let that in, it’ll never go away. The bad feelings will overrun me. The truth is that feelings move through us. We feel it and it goes and then we go to the next feeling. Let yourself feel the grief and keep going."

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