Day 10 - 50% Distracted!

Updated: Nov 11

This study found that approximately 50% of our waking life is spent in a distracted state, AND that being distracted is effectively leaving a mental door wide-open for problems to enter your life. As far as your emotional/mammal brain is concerned, the problems you're thinking about are real, and it will react accordingly (flooding you with all sorts of stress responses).

Choosing to be and stay focused closes that door to non-essential problems and puts your mind in a state of calm alertness, which is a precursor to tapping into your innate goodnesses (health, happiness, creativity, meaning, etc.).

Notice how often you're distracted, how long you've been there, the nature of the distraction (positive/negative), your state of mind when you catch yourself there, and your ease of recovery. Don't get further involved in the specific content of your distraction, but do start to notice what your favourite topics are!

When recovering from a distraction, get present for a breath (or more) before you choose to refocus.

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