Day 17 - 'Wonder Breath'

Today we talked about the practice of acceptance - something that has unending depth and richness. But it's important to understand how to start.

There are two aspects to our foundational acceptance practice:

  1. Breath in a way that releases tension

  2. Find your 'potential smile'

Both of these aspects are contained in the 'Wonder Breath'. The type of inhalation that you spontaneously do when presented with a wonderful surprise. Try doing it big and obvious, and then subtler and subtler. Get to know the physical shift in some detail, so that you can easily choose to move in that direction at any time. Eventually you will maintain a subtle version of the Wonder Breath as your normal background state - from which you will continuously deviate and then return to.

Practice this breath when things are calm, and then especially when things get tricky!

What do you feel when you do this breath? What changes?

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