Day 24 - Sitting at Attention

We will start to consciously use the connection between standing/sitting 'at attention' and mentally paying attention -- with the former strengthening the latter. This is using the foundational influence of the reptile mind to influence the downstream mammal and monkey.

Sitting at attention comes down to supporting your spine, body and breathing well. This in turn provides the ideal support for managing your emotions (accepting vs reacting) and your thinking (focusing vs distracted), and for maintaining a steady presence of mind.

Yoga is the practice of learning to sit (stand, lie, move, exist) at attention. Today we focused on the top of the torso, and described what it feels like when you hold two heavy-ish bags. Notice how your body posture naturally shifts to help you support the weight. Make that alignment your new neutral, and keep resetting yourself to here. Make this shift part of your Wonder Breath.

Over time, at subtler levels, notice how being physically at attention changes how and what you feel, think and do.

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