Day 4 -- Human mind

This first week we're looking at presence, a function of your human mind. This human mind is what allows you to manage (proactively make choices about) the rest of your mind.

Notice how your awareness is different and separate from your thoughts, emotions and body (sensations). This separation/objectivity will allow you (your awareness) to clearly see and manage what the rest of your mind is doing. This is a critical first step in your path of practicing mindfulness -- the ability to make choices about your deep, default mental programming.

As you develop your presence, get to know your raw awareness. This can be tricky as awareness is a subtle, background state of mind, and usually we are focused on the contents of our awareness (thoughts, emotions, sensations, and the external world). Observing awareness itself requires a kind of stillness and peripheral looking. Notice how your awareness is unchangeable and untouchable, and is always still and peaceful.

The old yogis described awareness as being like the sky -- accepting and containing everything in it, but remaining forever untouched.

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