Q&A: When looking directly at the problem makes you anxious.

Q: I know I need to repeat what I did on Sunday, and give the difficult feelings more focussed attention, but I also feel a little anxious about going back there even though I was ok. Is that normal?

A: Totally normal to be anxious about going back in (along with many other possible negative feelings/reactions). I would be a little suspicious if you weren’t! Almost everything in you will be working in concert to nudge/push you away from looking at it – and ‘you’ can be very tricky/strong when threatened with exposure and eventual extinction.

Persistent and gentle (strong and soft!) is the key. There’s no need to go too hard/deep (although sometimes things will be more open and that will happen), because you’re mostly relying on consistent application to wear things down/soften them up over time. 😊

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