We offer a wide range of mindfulness-based services for the public and workplaces.  Our work is based on our 5 Mind Model and the principles of Awareness, Acceptance and (values driven) Action (3A's). We understand that healthy relationships, families, communities and workplaces are built on healthy individuals.   We believe that wellbeing, happiness and performance are intrinsically linked. Healthy individuals and groups are happier, connect, engage and live and perform better. 

Becoming a healthier individual is a process from the inside out - it is the only way to make permanent personal transformation. Through our 5 Mind model and the practice of mindfulness , you will transform your mind and fundamentally change the way you perceive the world and act in it. In doing so, you will increase your cognitive, emotional and sensational intelligence and improve every aspect of your life.


Mindfulness Essentials

Mindfulness Essentials is our foundational training for understanding mindfulness and developing personal mastery. You will learn about, and apply, our 5-mind model to develop the mindsets that will transform your life and optimise your mind for greater happiness, wellbeing & performance.

It will inspire you to feel & think in entirely new ways and become the foundation of your personal and professional growth.

This training is deliverd to the public & to workplaces.

Practice group

Train your brain for greater calm, wellbeing and happiness - in any circumstances.

Dealing with uncertainty is one of the many things that mindfulness can help us manage. Join our regular practice groups and learn simple daily exercises and meditations to help you find the inner strength to stay balanced and be present for those around you – especially through uncertain and challenging times.  


Living by Design

Applying mindfulness, neuroscience & personal growth to your life.

Ultimately, we practice not to get better at meditating but to get better at life - so that we can live meaningful, connected & happy lives, where we experience - mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


Living by Design is our coaching framework and is based on our 5 Mind model and our coaching approach of Awareness, Acceptance and Action. 

We work with you through an issue, concern or situation that you want to change or navigate through, in your life. We empower you with the tools and practices to expand your awareness, practice acceptance and take values-driven action.  It is a journey of self exploration and personal growth.

We offer one-on-one and small group coaching.

Public speaking

Be Inspired

Mindfulness is relevant to everything that humans do — wherever you go, there you are! We all want to live & work better. Some of our speaking topics include:

  • 👑 Who’s the Boss? Be better to lead better

  • 🚀 Focus — Your Mental Superpower Be better to do better

  • 😊 Happy & healthy people and workplaces Be better to feel better

  • 🌏 The Big Picture Be better to live better

Reach out to discuss your needs and we will work out a talk that's right for you.


Mindfulness training - emotional resilience & mental focus

Our world just got a whole lot trickier and many of us are dealing with higher levels of stress, with no end in sight. Mindfulness is a way to build personal and business resilience before the next disruption. We’ll show you how to use mindfulness to deal with stress and uncertainty. We’ll teach you how to apply and strengthen your emotional resilience and mental
focus skills — the drivers of wellbeing and performance.

We integrate the neuroscience of the mind with the wisdom of an ancient meditation practice. We make it accessible, relevant and useful in order to help you work and live better right now.

Inspired leadership

We work with executive teams to develop leaders that drive organisational excellence and values based cultures.

We work with you to develop the mindsets, values and behaviours of personal mastery and to enhance your ability to motivate, influence and lead from a place of authenticity and compassion. 

chief mindfulness officer

Are you ready to try something radically different?  To create space for change & growth to occur?

We embed in your workplace as your personal, workplace Chief Mindfulness Officer.  The compounding effect of a daily mindfulness practice, training and coaching facilitates a transformation of individual minds and organisational culture.

Reach out today and find out how your workplace can have its very own Chief Mindfulness Office.

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